Chelsea Boy

Created by Maria Cristina Didero and Marco Sammicheli.


MUSEO DEL 900, Milan

“The act of living and working needs a balance between the roots and the visions: these are the reasons why James Irvine decided to move to Milan after being educated in the United Kingdom. Irvine’s design is clearly British but with some relevant infused elements of Italian project culture. Milan, art, architecture, and a few places have become a network of endless inspiration: the city itself an ethnographic field evolving from a personal mania to a concept, and finally to industrial design products.”


Bar Basso remembered the late and great James Irvine with a new gin and tonic glass designed by Michael Young. Michael Young designed a gin & tonic tumbler glass in memory of his good friend. The project by Maria Cristina Didero and Maurizio Stoccheto has created Chelsea Boy, a clean and functional Wonderglass tumbler; a memory of the creative designer who left us all too soon. This was a unique opportunity to toast James’s brilliance in the city he called home.