During this year’s Nomad show in Venice, WonderGlass explores worlds of similar but different revelations, launching two new designs created by India Mahdavi. Pistil is inspired by Mahdavi’s iconic flower shapes and consists of a transparent tabletop made with pulegoso glass supported by a sculptural metal base. From the same glass, the Clover chandelier is formed of carefully crafted semi-opaque balls which are attached to a black flower-shaped glass base.
These colourful creations are showcased alongside designs by Nao Tamura and Dan Yeffet which use both cast and blown glass techniques, revealing the essence and continuous metamorphosis of glass as a medium.


Pistil | India Mahdavi

Clover Chandelier | India Mahdavi

Lab Edition | Nao Tamura

Prism | Dan Yeffet

Obsidian Flow[T] | Nao Tamura


Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, Venice
5th – 8th September 2019