WonderGlass invites you to ‘Kosmogonos’ an exhibition where visitors will come into a new state of being. The exhibition, as part of DESIGN.VE, during the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – Biennale Architettura 2018, will present works by studiopluz and Raw-Edges at the Church of Ospedaletto, in association with Zuecca Projects.
Following on from the successful collaboration at the 2018 Salone del Mobile, WonderGlass and studiopluz team up once again to present ‘Kosmogonos’, an exhibition that creates a world inspired by the wonders of the universe through the prism of glass.
Running from May 23rd – June 23rd during DESIGN.VE and the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – Biennale Architettura 2018, ‘Kosmogonos’ will see a series of glass works inspired by deep space, and the emotions experienced while gazing at the night sky. Themes including gravity, utopia and geometry are explored through a range of works that incorporate the perfection of symmetry juxtaposed against the material inconsistency of glass.
In addition, Horah, an installation of dancing lights designed by London based duo Raw Edges will offer a convivial spectacle.
Housed within the iconic Venetian Church of Ospedaletto in association with Zuecca Projects, the exhibition combines glass with sound and light to make the visitor question what the modern city will be like and how the universe can stimulate design.
Satellite images from space show a very different world to the one we know, but how might the cities of Earth look to someone from another planet? Ponder upon this notion through an intricate maze of glass that when viewed from above bares a strong resemblance to a circuit board, an element essential to modern existence that could very well inspire the framework for cities in the future.

Horah | Raw-Edges
Echoes | studiopluz
Pixel | WonderGlass

Church of Ospedaletto, Venice
23rd May to 23rd June 2018