• 22 January, 2019

    Nendo x WonderGlass | Melt Collection

    WonderGlass presents Melt, a collection of gravity formed furniture and table top objects designed by nendo.
    Melt will be previewed in Cologne ahead of an exciting announcement for Salone del Mobile in April 2019.  


  • 09 April, 2018

    Milan Design Week 2018 | Invisible Cities

    WonderGlass presented Kosmos at Salone del Mobile 2018, an awe-inspiring installation at the Istituto dei Ciechi in Milan from April 17th to 22nd.
    A highlight of Kosmos was stop-motion film Invisible Cities by artistic duo J&PEG. A surreal tale of a glass ball lost in a magical world that both celebrates the utopian vision of the city and the role of glass within architecture and urban environments.




  • 12 January, 2018

    Maison & Objet 2018 | Cabinet of curiosities


     WonderGlass will present their conceptual ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ installation at Maison & Objet from Friday January 19th to Tuesday January 23rd 2018.

    Pushing the boundaries of creativity, surprise and imagination, the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ will highlight works from design luminaries, including Claesson Kovisto Rune, Nao Tamura, Marcel Wanders and Dan Yeffet, Hideki Yoshimoto and the WonderLab team. 

  • 12 April, 2017

    Milan Design Week 2017 | Between Time and Light


    Our stunning installation at Istituto dei Ciechi featured the new outstanding pieces by worldwide renowned designers like Marcel Wanders, Nao Tamura, Zaha Hadid, Dan Yeffet and Hideki Yoshimoto.

    More details available here.

    4th-9th April 2017


  • 27 March, 2017

    Preview | Milan Design Week 2017 | Between Time and Light


    Sneak preview to WonderGlass' showcase at Salone del Mobile 2017 with new creative innovations from Marcel Wanders, Nao Tamura & Hideki Yoshimoto plus the return of favourites by Dan Yeffet - Hollow and Zaha Hadid - Luma also be on display in the palazzo space.

    4th - 9th April 2017


  • 27 March, 2017

    Creation of Calliope | By Marcel Wanders


    Marcel Wanders - Calliope: “We designed this lighting system to be poetic. From overhead, it captures attention as it inspires the imagination.” Inspired by Japanese calligraphy and created from hand blown Murano glass - the floating, illuminating pendants will have an adaptable design that can expand to create full ceiling and room installations as either clusters or as a single element.

    More information available here.

    WonderGlass is proud to present this new extraordinary piece at Salone del Mobile Milano - 4th to 9th April 2017

  • 27 January, 2017

    Maison & Objet 2017 | Rise and Drift


    WonderGlass celebrates Maison & Objet 2017 with installation “Rise and Drift” by Tangent, which focuses on the organic shapes of water bubbles and the refraction of light. Tangent have also explored the complex way light transmits and reflects inside different materials.

    WonderGlass will also preview Luma by Zaha Hadid - a sculptural composition of tubular segments which subtly diffuse light through organic shapes which effortlessly celebrate the unrivalled logic and beauty found in nature. Each individual segment in the piece has been handblown in Murano.

    More information available here.

  • 12 April, 2016

    Milan Design Week 2016 | Luce e Materia | Light and Matter


    The exhibition is aptly named "Luce e Materia" (Light and Matter) and celebrates the perpetual order of simple elements which are the essence of WonderGlass' creations.

    The essence of the showcase is design and art — in this context Hollow by Dan Yeffet captures light like never before and sculpts it as a basic element: a dialogue between natural elements, traditional design and technology.

    The artist, Nicola Magrin, adds his own essence to the exhibition - ethereal watercolours inspired by WonderGlass' DNA. Light breaks secure sense and aesthetic meaning to pigments and water. With its glass creations WonderGlass similarly brings through its own light.

    More information available here.

    12th - 17th April 2016


  • 11 April, 2016

    DNA | Watercolours

  • 05 April, 2016

    Nicola Magrin | DNA Creation


    The artist, Nicola Magrin, adds his own essence – ethereal watercolours inspired by WonderGlass’ DNA – to the installation "Luce e Materia". Light breaks are vibrant element in his art: with its glass creations WonderGlass similarly brings through its own “Luce”.

    More on WonderGlass' work with Nicola Magrin here

  • 16 April, 2015

    Chelsea Boy | Homage to James Irvine


    Bar Basso remembered the late and great James Irvine with a new gin and tonic glass tumbler designed by Michael Young in memory of his good friend. The project by Maria Cristina Didero and Maurizio Stoccheto has created Chelsea Boy, a clean and functional tumbler produced by WonderGlass; a memory of the creative designer who left us all too soon.

    This was a unique opportunity to toast James’s brilliance in the city he called home.

    Available to order - please contact us at sales@wonder-glass.com  for more information.


  • 15 April, 2015

    Momento | By Nao Tamura

  • 14 April, 2015

    Flow[T] | By Nao Tamura


    The reflections of the Venetian cityscape glistening over the evening water hints at an imaginary city below the moving surface. There is a border between the world under and th land above. In the city of Venice, where the real world and fantasty coexists, this chandelier is the embodiment of the beauty of dual worlds.

    Flow[T] is a contemporary chandilier inspired by the colours of the Venetian lagoon and customized to the desires of each owner. Each piece enjoys its own shape and in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting.

    More on Flow[T] here.

  • 13 April, 2015

    Milan Design Week 2015 | Momento & Luma


    Nao Tamura interprets an immediate dialogue between nature and technology – her new creation captures the very moment of a water-drop falling from a leaf. Momento freezes that instant of ephemeral beauty and turns it into a source of light.

    Zaha Hadid endorses the traditional techniques of glass craftsmanship, her creation named Luma explores solutions for futuristic and stylish projects. This seamless dialogue of subtle and elegant refractions onto organic surfaces is magnified by the presence of the statement piece Swarm.

    More on Milan Design Week here.

  • 09 April, 2015

    DNA | Glass Blowing


    An age-old tradition founded in the 1st Century BC - WonderGlass utilise the magnificent craftmanship skill to create a lot of our products and bespoke pieces dependent on the project itself. This video gives an insight to the world of glassblowing and the skill involved.

    More on our DNA here.

  • 28 January, 2015

    DNA | Venice


    WonderGlass' home-from-home Venice in all it's beauty. Home to our production house and team of incredibly skilled and gifted glass-blowers, techincal team and overall Creative Core.

    More on the Creative Core available here.

  • 28 May, 2014

    Design Émotionnel | Featuring Christian Mussati


    WonderGlass co-founder Christian Mussati interviewed by Design Émotionnel during Design Days 2014 at Palais de Tokyo talking of the WonderGlass creations and Flow[T].

  • 08 April, 2014

    Milan Design Week 2014 | Art and Architecture


    Art and Architecture

    Revealing three ambitious new designs set in a beautiful Italian palazzo, experimental lighting design studio WonderGlass celebrates its first anniversary at the Salone del Mobile.

    Since the official launch in 2013 - WonderGlass has continued to draw on the time-honoured expertise of Venetian master glassblowers, introducing contemporary collaborations with both young and internationally renowned artists.

    More on Milan Design Week 2014 here.

  • 12 April, 2013

    Domus | Featuring Maurizio Mussati

  • 08 April, 2013

    Milan Design Week 2013


    For its official launch in Milan WonderGlass drew upon the time-honoured experience of Venetian master glass-blowers and the contemporary touch offered by international designers, capable of interpreting the beauty of glass in a spectacular, innovative manner paired with the most advanced technological research on lighting.

    Feautring Nao Tamura, Jamie Hayon, Zaha Hadid & Nendo.



    Via Vivaio, 7 - MILAN, 20122

    9th/14th April 2013

    10.00 - 20.00

    More on Milan Design Week 2013 here.