Product Description


The Venetian lagoon, where the tradition of fishing with nets is still practiced, is a microcosm made up of lights and colours that define the landscape in various different environmental situations, most particularly, during the morning, in high summer, the depths of winter, engulfed in fog and at sunset.

Taking these conditions as inspiration, Marco Zito and BTM have designed Nasse, a collection of large luminous objects that seem to emerge from the water. Looking to evoke the energy of a lagoon, the pieces are created out of intricately shaped hand-blown glass, whilst the unconventional use of fishing nets emphasise the play of light within the pieces.


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Product Specification


NASSE 1: Ø 400 × H 700 MM
NASSE 2: Ø 400 × H 825 MM


Blown Glass


White Gradient

Marco Zito & BTM

Marco Zito is an architect, associate professor at the IUAV of Venice - Industrial Design. In his career as a designer and lecturer he has explored the topic of blown glass several times, creating objects, installations and promoting research projects. BTM designs marketing strategies, products, and communications for professionals and companies that work in the broad field of glassmaking. Dealing with creative and artistic direction as well as technical coordination of production; BTM take care of every detail of the glass product development, from its design to its production and its communication. BTM promotes a use of glass that enhances its aesthetic features and its considerable potential in terms of applications and sustainability through a contemporary and design-driven approach. Born in Murano, Venice, from a collaboration between professionals with international experience, united by a complex and profound sensitivity towards the glass. Today BTM are Dario Stellon, Luca Coppola, Riccardo Berrone, Federico Bovara and Marco Zito.