Inventive, original, design and traditional handmade quality make WonderGlass a unique brand on the international art scene.

Since its establishment in 2013, Maurizio and Christian Mussati, father and son, have built the company leveraging the bespoke glass savoir-faire, made in Venice, Italy, which encompasses lighting as well as handcrafted installations. Each product relies on Venetian glassmaking techniques such as blown, cast, and fused glass. By bonding traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design and art, WonderGlass consistently provides tailor-made solutions, offering the possibility to incorporate artisanal creations into projects of any scale.

WonderGlass has partnered with a coterie of world-renowned artists and designers alike to produce a vibrant portfolio of work, characterised by exuberant forms, deft manipulation of colour and material, and installations hinting reminiscence of surreal dreamscape in which light is the most primary feature. The artistic collaborators are essentially a roll call of the most influential creatives in the past decade, including Marcel Wanders, John Pawson, India Mahdavi, nendo, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and the late Zaha Hadid.

We are committed to authentic design, provocative ideas, and pioneering artistic sensibility. We are committed to wonderment – wherever the realisation might be found.


The cohesion of partners is inspired by the idea of finding that ever-evolving point of balance between the innovation of the glass industry, the human sensibility, and the frontiers of craftsmanship. An array of glass solutions, drawing from the tradition of Venetian craftsmanship.

Availing of centuries-old glass manufacturing techniques passed on between generations, our established network of highly skilled glassmakers and partners allows this collective to master the art of cast, blown, and fused glass.

The result is more than a partnership, more than a collaboration. It is the encounter between professional paths embracing glass as their cornerstone.

Made in WonderGlass aims to represent the largest and most inspired handcrafted glass offer on the market. We commit every day to providing to the art and design industry expertise and deep understanding of glass as a whole.

Cast innovation, fuse values, blow minds.