Melt is a collaboration with Japanese design studio nendo inspired to the flexibility of molten glass and the force of gravity. The creation of Melt was a unique and complex production. Oki Sato from nendo was inspired by watching the craftspeople in WonderGlass’ workshops working with molten, melted glass. His intention thereafter was to allow the material to direct the design process. This resulted in a method of laying hot glass sheets over steel shapes, then suspended between steel bars to allow the natural drape of the material to reveal its form.

Melt Collection includes Melt Side Table Low, Melt Vase A, Melt Vase B, Melt Vase C, Melt Vase D and Melt Chandelier.

SIDE TABLE LOW | W 500 x D 350 x H 370 mm
VASE A | W 420 x D 190 x H 150 mm
VASE B | W 440 x D 320 x H 350 mm
VASE C | W 350 x D 240 x H 550 mm
VASE D | W 550 x D 285 x H 420 mm
CHANDELIER | W 2437 x D 2437 x H 2016 mm

Cast glass




Nendo is a design firm founded in 2002 in Tokyo, with architect Oki Sato as its principal. The firm realizes its goal of bringing small "!" moments to people through its multidisciplinary practice whose media include architecture, interiors, furniture, industrial products and graphic design. Nendo opened their Milan office in 2005 and Singapore office in 2012. Nendo has since received numerous awards and recognition; Newsweek named Oki one of the world's '100 Most Respected Japanese People'. Most recently, Oki earned the title of 'Designer of the Year' by both Wallpaper* and Elle Decoration magazines.