The reflections of the Venetian cityscape glisten and the evening water hints at an imaginary city below the moving surface. There is a border between the world under and the land above. In the city of Venice, where the real world and fantasy coexists, this chandelier is the embodiment of the beauty of dual worlds. Flow[T] is a contemporary chandelier inspired by the colours of the Venetian lagoon and customised to the desires of each owner. Each piece enjoys its own shape, and in multiples, they create a sculptural display of lighting.

S1 | Ø 160 x H 590 mm + 30 mm bead
S2 | Ø 100 x H 890 mm + 30 mm bead
S3 | Ø 100 x H 970 mm + 30 mm bead
S6 | Ø 170 x H 680 mm + 30 mm bead

S4 | Ø 250 x H 430 mm
S5 | Ø 205 x H 640 mm
S7 | Ø 210 x H 740 mm

Blown glass body, metal rod

BODY | Turquoise Gradient | White Gradient
ROD | Black
BEAD (S1, S2, S3, S6 only) | Black



Nao Tamura's talent spans cultures, languages, disciplines, and styles, with insightful and considered concepts at the heart of her work. As a product of both Tokyo and New York creative communities, her solutions are equally at ease in the world of 2-D and 3-D with an uncanny ability to find that emotional connection with the audience. Her unique solutions are more than simply design, and possess a rare balance of innovation and beauty. Some of the many awards she has been given include ADI Compasso d'Oro International Award and Elle Decor Japan International Design Award.