Dune is inspired by the desert landscape: soft, fluid, always moving. The two sides, composing every piece of the collection, speak to each other and melt through the Incalmo technique. The final objects play with the richness of glass colours and textures, in contrast with the cold perfection of LED light source and the roughness of the cargo belts that hold everything together.

Dune is currently available in clear glass only, more colour options will be available soon.

MODULE A | W 565 x H 590 mm
MODULE C | W 610 x H 550 mm

Cast glass

Module A | Crystal & Crystal
Module C | Crystal & Amber
Fastening belts | Black

Dune is currently available in selected models only. More options are coming soon.



Founded in 2006 by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno, Zaven focuses on and explores cross references and intertwinements between communication research, design and art. Housed in the former industrial area of Marghera overlooking the Venice lagoon, Zaven's outputs range from graphic design to product design and installations. Their work has been featured in Case da Abitare, Elle Decor, Icon, Wallpaper* among many other design publications worldwide. They have been part of exhibitions such as The New Italian Design (Milan Triennale), Meet Design (Rome and Turin), London Design Festival and Designer Days (Paris).