by Dan Yeffet

Calimero sets a style of expression, an homage, a delicate and valuable coexistence. A series of suspensions where the material touches and hugs, but never goes out. Almost like lovers, a crossover between copper and a hand blown glass. Calimero looks towards the future and seduces with the reminiscence of a machinery – a tribute to industrial lamps as well as luminous spheres from the past.

SMALL | Ø 120 x H 180 mm
MEDIUM | Ø 180 x H 225 mm
LARGE | Ø 350mm x H 385 mm

Blown glass screen, copper body

SCREEN | Smoky Grey
BODY | Copper


Dan Yeffet

Israeli born Paris based designer Dan Yeffet studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy: School of Art and Design in Jerusalem (1999-2001). He then moved to the Netherlands where he graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2002 (BA in industrial/product design). After his graduation, he set up his studio in Amsterdam. In 2005, he moved his studio to Paris where he still works. Dan’s work stretches from space to objects - and everything in between - and in various methods, from classic craft work to cutting edge technologies. He designs furniture pieces, glass sculptures and lights, objects of desire – chic and pure – daily products, conceptual space, urban spaces, gallery objects and limited series. His work can be described as innovative, essential and yet with a strong identity and personality.

Dan Yeffet