Architect | Godwin Austen Johnson

Location | Dubai

Product | Flow[T] by Nao Tamura

Vida Creek Harbour draws its nautical design inspiration from the marina the property overlooks. This theme is translated into an “elegant yet relaxed atmosphere with the characteristic simplicity that defines the Vida brand”, GAJ tells Commercial Interior Design.

GAJ made use of materials such as curved wood with accent elements in brushed bronze. Leather combined with textiles in undulating textures accentuate references to the ocean, water and maritime life.

Many of the items designed for Vida Creek Harbour are bespoke. To support in-country value, local materials and regional art and craftsmanship, GAJ was mindful to make use of what it could source nearby.

“Many items have been designed especially for this project and thus we worked closely with local craftsmen to ensure the best quality. We also had a strong emphasis on developing the art package with local artists, which aided the process as they were able to provide support during the installation process.”

For this project, WonderGlass created a special edition of Flow[T] by Nao Tamura enlarged and oversized to strengthen the idea of the sea and a pop of colour in the middle of the room.