Architect | India Mahdavi

Location | Saint Tropez

India Mahdavi has always been fascinated by the raw property of glass, its texture and singularity given by the tiny bubbles and imperfections. She wanted to obtain the same effect for this bespoke shower in her interior design project.

This turnkey project, which included installation, was engineered and developed by WonderGlass based on an aesthetical draft by Mahdavi.

The craftmanship of glass and its unique handmade qualities were obtained by fusing two rolled glass slabs together. These ‘raw effect’ slabs enrich the external side of the shower, whilst the internal panel was made using smooth tempered float glass and attached to the rolled glass using a special fossil resin. This design solution ensured the artisanal effect desired by India Mahdavi whilst maintaining the safety and durability needed for the project.

The metal profiles of the structure were intended to be minimal and enhance, not overwhelm, the glass. Owing to the weight of the large panels, custom coloured stainless steel frames were designed and fitted. Every detail of the project was custom engineered from a technical design point of view to achieve the best end result.

This project was completed within sixty days, from survey to complete final installation of the product.