The excellence of the artisans at NVR, which is part of WonderGlass’ group, manufactured the bespoke glass bricks behind the San Giorgio wall installation to the specifications of the artist Pae White.

The monumental sculpture ‘Qwalala’ by American artist Pae White opened to the public on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice during the 57th International Art Exhibition, the Venice Biennale.

The 75 m curved wall consists of 3,000 hand-cast glass bricks, each weighing 23kg. The wall’s shape and colours were selected by the artist from thousands of random computer-generated combinations. Inspired from Roman glassmaking, the massive blocks shine in 25 different colors.

The special wavy colour effect inside the glass bricks was created using powders combined inside the glass during manufacture, which generate the interesting colour vibrations under the surface.

A short building period of only six weeks meant a quick installation of the glass bricks was required. The structure also needed to allow an easy disassembly the end of the exhibition, therefore the bricks were bonded together on site using a white structural silicone.

The result is a fascinating and exciting art work that combines traditional craftsmanship with advanced engineering.