Architect | Coletivo Arquitetos

Location | São Paulo, Brasil

Product | Flow[T] by Nao Tamura

With a privileged view of Parque do Povo, the GAR apartment is located in a building on the banks of the Pinheiros River, in the city of São Paulo.

The challenge facing the architects – Coletivo Arquitetos’ Cesar Coppola and Daniela Coppola – was how to transform the apartment’s fragmented spaces into a dynamic home for a family passionate about arts and good living. Their response was to rethink the typology of the apartment in order to integrate the spaces and to render them fluid.

The principal idea was to value the elements built in pure forms through the creation of empty spaces. Minimalist frames were used to expand the view of the park, and a green transition area was created on the balcony to draw nature into the built space.

In the social area, the layout was placed in the center of the space. The clean, white ceiling lights up, and slatted wood panels line the walls below the height of the beams to create a continuous element that mimics the openings. The horizontal line created by the Flow[T] chandelier installation harmonises the wooden panelling, creating dynamism and vibrancy.