by Moritz Waldemeyer

This monumental work contemplates humankind’s abiding fascination with the mystery of fire – organic phenomena that destroys in its own creation. This core paradox underscores the work’s mixed media of glass, wood, silicon and electricity, a material palette which can be either edified or degraded by fire. Referencing the myth of Prometheus who, after stealing fire from the gods, baked a clay anthropoid form into which Athena breathed and thereby made human life, the work explores the cultural history of creation itself – echoing the process of glassmaking in more ways than one.

W 1820 x H 700 MM

Cast Glass / Wood



Moritz Waldemeyer

Moritz Waldemeyer is a German light artist and designer based in London. In his work, he focuses on creating an emotional response in the viewer with light and form. Studio Moritz Waldemeyer, founded in 2004, was built on a philosophy of playful experimentation by forging links between technology, art, fashion, and design. Over the years his studio has developed a culture of working across different creative disciplines to cross-pollinate work with ideas and concepts from surprising directions.

Moritz Waldemeyer