Minosse C Table draws inspiration from disparate travels to archaeological sites in the Mediterranean, where the history of ancient civilisations is permeated in the landscape and marked by the passage of time. This object is set apart by an aesthetic duality: a solid and linear side, opposed to a decomposed one, almost in decay, recalling the fascination of ruins and the story they tell.

Limited edition of 8 units.


Founded by Simone Zecubi in London in 2018, studiopluz is a multidisciplinary studio that creates works that seek to mix art with design. Spanning across mediums, the studio manipulates different mediums, such as video production, interior and product design, fashion design and art installations. Artistic works produced in collaboration with J&PEG Studio have been included in private collections and exhibited in galleries including Castello Sforzesco, Castello dell'Ovo, Villa Reale Milan, MART Museum and Boghossian Foundation Bruxelles. Consultancy work has covered graphic design, visual design, fashion design with special focus on leading high-end brands including Chanel and Armani.